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Lyndon Smith


Junior Partner

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A Coach Who Gets Results…

Lyndon can drill down into the detail and establish the core challenges that your business may be facing. He understands the human element in your business and that each scenario requires a tailor-made approach to achieving your desired result. Lyndon believes in building solid relationships and therefore builds trust and rapport with his clients. Once he has committed to them, he works systematically together with them to ensure that they achieve the results that they set out to achieve.

An Accomplished Business Professional…

Lyndon had developed his leadership skills working as an engineering design office manager for most of his career. He identified his passion in the projects environment and started to work in a dual management capacity since 2014. He shifted his focus onto project management, as this discipline touched on all the facets of business and stimulated his growth potential. It was during this time that he evolved as a leader and began working on his transformational leadership abilities. With a diverse team of various managers and subordinates reporting to him, he has learned to adapt his management and leadership styles to accommodate various scenarios. Lyndon has worked with several international clients and suppliers and has a high level of cultural intelligence. He has successfully led and delivered several projects for various international clients. Lyndon’s experience and educational background has provided him with a deep and sound understanding of what it takes for a business to be successful. He is also director of a South African based start-up company that he co-founded which specialises in UVC technology.

Pretty Darn Smart…

Lyndon has an affinity for learning and helping others; he has continually developed himself and transitioned through his career to find his true passion for coaching. Lyndon has completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (PDBA) with one of the top business schools in South Africa (The Wits Business School). He is currently in the process of finalising his Masters in Business Administration (MBA). His interests lie in the developments of technology and how they influence and improve business operations. He has spent a considerable amount of time researching the 4th Industrial Revolution and Industrie 4.0 trying to draw a correlation between the investments into technology and the impact on business performance. Lyndon also has a demonstrated history in foreign investments and continually evaluates the fiat and crypto markets using formulas that he has designed to leverage a variety of arbitrage opportunities.

A Devoted Husband and Community Member…

Together with his incredible wife, Lyndon is planning to relocate from Johannesburg, South Africa, to Vancouver, Canada early 2021 together with their furry family member, a little Pekingese named Lia. Both him and his wife enjoy the outdoors and some regular off-roading adventures and activities. Whilst in South Africa, Lyndon has offered his time to assist the community police and local security companies with operations to ensure that the neighbourhood was free from criminal elements. He has also been on the board of trustees for body corporates, assisting them with their finances and a variety of operations. Lyndon’s mission as a coach is to “coach for a cause” and take on pro-bono clients each year to work with and deliver exceptional results in their businesses!”