"Practice the philosophy of continuous improvement. Get a little bit better every single day."

Brian Tracy

Meet Darrick


I am an avid entrepreneur and extremely passionate about business ownership. When I was a child, I used to envision owning a retail store. I was obsessed with the idea of buying and selling to make money. Regular education directed me toward working for others it seemed, so I never enjoyed the traditional learning experience. I started by first business reselling when I was 13 with the help of my parents. The rest was history I absolutely loved overseeing my time and had the opportunity to earn with no ceiling. Yet, so it seemed....

Truth being I had a ceiling because my business only grew to my level of incompetence.

With ActionCOACH I was able to have my breakthrough. The systems, technology and strategies of ActionCOACH propelled not only my business, it also gave me the tools to help others as well. With over 1200 Action Coaches in over 80 countries I have plenty of resourceful people to communicate all my business challenges with.

I have owned and operated several businesses across multiple industries. I am also an experienced sales trainer, recruiter and motivator. I have completed on several occasions, full comprehensive marketing campaigns from start to completion and executed hundreds of sales events.

I have daily routines starting first in the morning. I believe it is always important to my ability to grow to be at my best. I focus on my health and fitness and love reading, learning new ways to leverage my time and become more efficient. Life is a mirror…

I guarantee you that when you partner with me you will be impressed and glad you hired me before your competition did.

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