Sales Made Simple Training Day

If you're serious about making massive profits from your business, you'll want to put your entire Sales Team through the simplest, and most powerful sales training ever developed.

Forget the "pushy" or "too soft" sales techniques of the past. Your team will be armed with the knowledge and skills to get them performing beyond your wildest expectations.

ActionCOACH's Sales Made Simple is a full-day workshop that will have your team firing like never before. Sales Made Simple will give your team the essential sales tools that will have them performing at their peak - day in and day out.

Your team will learn how to sell to the four key personality types, how to get the customer to "sell themselves" and how to overcome ANY objections. Learn how to set up a sale from the first contact, how to ask great sales questions and ask for the sale time after time.

You will hardly recognize your own Sales Team as they assume a confidence that comes from knowledge, skills, techniques and a true understanding of what makes a top salesperson.

You can't afford not to put your entire Sales Team through this training program.


Sales promotes growth and generates revenue. Sales are necessary for the survival of any successful business. So why do some businesses focus such little time in this area?


Passion leads to success and fuels confidence. We must grow to remain passionate and be evolving in skills and mindset.


Learning opportunities can help improve retention. If employees feel they are challenged, growing, and constantly learning, they'll be less likely to get bored or stuck. providing learning opportunities is a good way to keep employees with your company for a longer time.

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"Choose a job you love and you will never work a day in your life." - Confucius