Shireen Rahman Executive Assistant

Bio and passion

From a young age, Shireen has aspired to become like her father and mother, an avid entrepreneur. It lead her to choose business early on as her career and hence she studied business as an undergraduate and as a postgraduate student. She used to accompany her parents at work and was always fascinated by the world of business. She completed her education from Thompson Rivers University in 2019 as a Masters student in Business Administration and hopes to run her own chain of hotels someday. She believes that often the problem with a stagnant business is not the business itself but the management. She has worked in marketing and sales for over four years and continues to do so. In her free time she enjoys reading, skating and working out. She also loves animals and volunteers at a shelter and has three animals of her own. She believes an idea has the potential to change the world and that’s exactly where she’s headed towards.

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